Cutting Section


Cutting powered by Gerber Technology

  • Automatic Cutter
  • Plotters
  • Pattern Making version 8.2.
  • 4 Semi Automatic Laying Machines.
  • 1 Pin table for stripe Cutting .
  • 6 Complete cutting tables.
  • Automatic relaxing Machine.

Placement Printing Section


Placement Printing Section

  • Section is powered by MHM machine and dryer.
  • In house Color separation and screens manufacturing.
  • Inks used are water base , plastisol according to American and EU standards.
  • Capability of making wide ranges of prints –Water base , Puff Printing , Glitter printing , Flock printing , Foil Printing.
  • Sublimation printing.

EMB Section

  • Section is powered by Japanese and Chinese machinery.
  • Barodan and Faiya machines.
  • Applique Laser Cutting.
  • Sequence attaching devices.
  • Threads and Sequines used are sourced from according to American and EU standards.
  • 36 Head producing 1.200.000 stitches /Day.

Sewing Section

  • 750 Sewing Machines including supporting machines.
  • Wide range of machines including flat seams , Elastic Automatic machines , Single needle , Heming , Bartack , Overlock , Boxer , Automatic trimmers , Heat seals.
  • Factory produce an average 1,200,000 Pcs based on 4 Minute garment.
  • Factory is designed to have more capacity up to 40% of the current.

Packing Section

  • Packing storage area is working as Airport system ,Metal checking for every single pcs.
  • Once goods enter the packing zone , It is not allowed to be returned to production sites.
  • Packing zone are only allowed for authorized persons.
  • Two zones are dedicated to Customers quality delegates or Third Parties inspection.
  • Packaging Storage are designed to store both hanging and flat merchandise.
  • Storage capacity 300.000 pcs

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